Bathroom Remodeling

Upgrading Your Bathroom

While the bathroom is typically one of the smallest rooms in the house, it can be one of the biggest remodeling projects… but that doesn’t mean it should be overwhelming!

At Flansburg Construction, LLC, we seek to transform your bathroom to fit your needs and style — without the drama. When working with us, you don’t need to compromise functionality for beauty, or vice versa. The goal is to create a space that makes your life easier while designing a tranquil place for you to unwind.

Whether you’re seeking a few upgrades to the fixtures or a complete overhaul, we’re the team for you. For homeowners across New Jersey, we have remodeled bathrooms with new tubs, showers, sinks, lighting, countertops, flooring and more.

Do you love taking luxurious baths at the end of the day? From porcelain and freestanding to whirlpool and infinity, the possible options for tubs are endless. Maybe you’re tired of getting ready in the same old shower? We can install traditional showers, made of glass or ceramic tile. Or if you’re really ready for a change, try a more modern approach with rainshower heads, body sprayers, built-in shelves, benches and more. Together, we can find the right match for your budget, space, and location of plumbing.

With sinks, we can install a standalone, pedestal style, wall-mounted or vanity. We can even incorporate cabinets designed around where and how you store your favorite products. No more digging around to find what you need, saving you time and energy while getting ready.

Additionally, we can revamp your lighting and flooring for a fresh look, top to bottom.

Are you ready to love your new bathroom? With all of these possibilities, we’re bound to build you the space of your dreams. Contact Flansburg Construction today!

Basement Remodeling

Creating A Second Living Space

In New Jersey, many of us use our basement as a place to store all of our clutter. What if you could get more out of that space? Did you know you could transform your basement into an enjoyable spot for relaxing, entertaining, and still have ample storage?

At Flansburg Construction, LLC,  we’ve remodeled basements into media rooms, home offices, in-law suites, and spots for all kinds of hobbies—all across the state.

Together we can assess your existing space and it’s potential. During our consultation, we listen closely to your vision. We also inspect the space to assess plumbing, electrical wiring and the floor plan. From there, we discuss options for flooring. How much foot traffic will come through? What would integrate well with the rest of your home? Depending on how often you want to use the basement area and its moisture and humidity levels, we can collectively determine the perfect design option. Regarding the walls, we discuss the right materials for the look and feel you want to create. A key part of creating a more enjoyable basement is installing the proper insulation. Once we determine the best options for functionality, we get to the fun part! Why not try a bold pop of color to match your new and improved living space? Lastly, the ceiling might be the most noticeable aspect of an unfinished basement. Updating the ceiling to hide ductwork, joints, and wiring will make the basement look more polished and integrated with the rest of your home.

Homeowners across New Jersey choose Flansburg Construction to transform their basements seamlessly with the rest of their home. Find out what we can do for your home today!

Kitchen Remodeling

Build Your Dream Kitchen

Whether you’re a big, bustling family; a cool couple; or a busy bachelor; your kitchen is the room that brings people together. It’s the spot where you start your mornings and unwind after long days. If any space should match your lifestyle and reflect your personality, it’s the kitchen. That’s why the Flansburg Construction team is dedicated to helping you build from scratch or remodel the kitchen that’s completely customized to your needs, budgets, and style.

Our promise is to work closely and transparently with you so you feel our work truly reflects you and the rest of your home. First, we seek to understand your lifestyle, including how you use the kitchen, the foot traffic, which appliances you use most, how much food you store, and more. We even take into consideration where you need more lighting or storage space. Whether you need an easier floorplan to master your nightly family recipes, the perfect spot to entertain, or simply more space to feed a growing family, we can create a kitchen uniquely designed for you.

Next, we can either help design the space, or work with your existing design. Then, we work our magic on whichever areas you decide to update, from fixtures to flooring, appliance layout, lighting, countertops, cabinets, storage space, windows and doors. From floor to ceiling, our builders are focused on quality — nothing will be completed half-heartedly.

Ready to heat things up in the kitchen? Contact Flansburg Construction to build the kitchen of your dreams today!

Residential Additions

Expanding Your Home

Do you love your home but dream of more space? As your lifestyle changes, so do your needs. Perhaps your family is growing and you require more bedrooms, or maybe the kids need more space to hang out with friends. Do you have in-laws visiting and creating tight quarters? Or maybe you simply want more from your master bedroom. Whatever your needs, an addition allows you to grow into your existing house and can be more efficient than moving. At Flansburg Construction, LLC, we are here to make your dream of more space a reality.

From conception to execution, our top-quality contractors craft an addition that seamlessly flows with your existing architecture and aesthetic. Some of our common masterpieces include:

Master suite additions: Your bedroom is far more than a place to rest your head at night. It’s an oasis, a sanctuary, and a place to completely unwind. Consider expanding the square footage for his and her walk-in closets, a luxurious master bathroom, or simply more space to relax.

Second-floor additions: Adding a second floor can expand your square footage in a way that lets you have more control over the layout. Additional bedrooms, recreational rooms, or storage space can all be added on to a second floor.

Decks: Transform your yard into a true outdoor living space. When adding a deck, you have room to dine, entertain, or simply sit and watch the sunset.

Life moves quickly, and your house needs to keep up. Contact us to discuss how we can help add on to your home!

Whole Home Renovations

A Complete Home Makeover

Are you ready for a change but want to avoid a move? Perhaps your home holds family history but needs major updates? Or maybe you recently purchased a house but you’re ready to make it your own. When your property needs a complete overhaul, Flansburg Construction, LLC is the team for you!

Deciding to build your dream home is a huge and exciting step. Now come the details. Are you going to remodel the exterior? Will you take this opportunity to update the floor plan, and is that even possible? How will you accomplish such a monumental undertaking?

With years of experience remodeling homes all over New Jersey, we are the experts here to partner with you every step of the way. From the very start, we closely consult with you and, if relevant, your architect, to gain a thorough understanding of your vision. Our team can help guide you through the process with recommendations, combining our experience and knowledge with your aesthetic and functional goals. We will then discuss the budget with transparency and put together a plan to execute the remodel in a timely fashion. As we continue through the process, our highly-skilled contractors ensure that every step is executed from the ground up with the utmost perfection, giving you peace of mind through the entire experience. With Flansburg Construction, you get to enjoy preparing for your life in your new home while we handle all things related to zoning, permits and codes, start to finish.

We want to be part of your making your dream home a reality. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.